The Nordic Center for Cultural Heritage and Armed Conflict (CHAC) is an independent nonprofit organisation that assists international organisations, governments, military organisations, museums and the academic community to develop better approaches to the developing role of cultural heritage in 21st century armed conflicts.

CHAC nurtures a large international network and functions as a platform for knowledge exchange, dialogues and processes across state authorities, international organisations and expert communities.

CHAC´s approach stands on a foundation of interdisciplinary academic research combined with profound experience with policy work. Read more about our approach here.

CHAC is anchored in the academic community and subscribes to the usual codes of conduct for integrity and independency in academic research.




CHAC was founded in 2017 to sustain initiatives and networks developed by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Project “Best Practices for Cultural Property Protection in NATO-led Military Operations.” (NATO SPS CPP) (2015-2017).

The NATO SPS CPP project was supported by all 28 NATO Member States through the NATO Science for Peace and Security Committee, and enjoyed profound collaboration with a range of national and international stakeholders. Read more about the NATO SPS CPP here.