Regulating the Nordic Market for Conflict Antiquities

Nordic network meeting on the illicit trade with conflict antiquities, 17. February 2019 at the Danish National Museum.

Download outcome document.

The Danish UNESCO National Commission and CHAC co-hosted a Nordic network meeting to explore how the UNESCO National Commission can support existing Nordic initiatives to regulate the illicit trade with cultural artefacts in the Nordic countries. The meeting was held in cooperation with the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen.

The overall policy framework for the network meeting was recent Resolutions from the United Nations Security Council, General Assembly, European Union and UNESCO that address the illicit trade with cultural artefacts from conflict zones, including its links to financing of armed groups and terrorism. The meeting aimed at supporting namely an initiative started by the Nordic Council, as decided at the ministerial meeting in 2014, to strengthen the regulation of the Nordic market for such ‘conflict antiquities’.

The Norwegian Ministry of Culture hosted two events to bring forward the Nordic focus and cooperation.

The outcome document for the Dec 2015 conference is available here

Summary of the 2017 meeting on rules and regulations is available here

Frederik Rosén’s keynote from the Dec 2015 opening conference for the initiative is available here

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