NATO SPS CPP 2015 – 2018

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About the NATO SPS CPP

In 2014 NATO member states approved a NATO SPS series of advanced research workshops (ARWs) entitled “Best Practice for CP Protection in NATO-led Military Operations” (NATO SPS CPP) that were to be held in 2015–2017 under the direction of Dr. Frederik Rosén and co-director Dr. Laurie Rush.

The NATO SPS Program is a NATO policy tool that aims at increasing the cooperation and dialogue between NATO member states and partners, based on scientific research and knowledge exchange. NATO SPS projects are independent research projects subject to the usual codes of conduct for integrity in academic research.

The NATO SPS CPP offered an academic and analytical approach for NATO to consider further integrating and institutionalising CPP in its operational planning. The stated aim of the NATO SPS CPP includes developing recommendations on how NATO should approach the question of policy, doctrine and training related to CPP. Furthermore, it aimed to stimulate NATO Headquarters and allied nations into thinking about the challenges posed by the increasingly complex role of CP in armed conflict.

The NATO SPS CPP project stands as the only international initiative that seeks to advance a conceptual and practical military approach to CPP in close cooperation with key stakeholders. As such, the project came to play a role in connecting allied nations who are in the process of developing CPP mechanisms, as well as building ties between key initiatives in international organisations.

About the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme

All SPS applications approved for funding have been thoroughly evaluated for their scientific merit and security impact by NATO experts, independent scientists and NATO nations themselves. NATO SPS Advanced Research Workshops are independent projects subjected to the usual codes for academic integrity.

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Group photo NATO SPS CPP San Remo Conference December 2016

Group photo NATO SPS CPP San Remo Conference December 2016

READ NATO SPS CPP Workshop Documents HERE

NATO Engages: CPP and the Brussels Summit 2018

CPP was a topic at the 2018 Brussels Summit Dialogue, which was held in the margins of the NATO Summit in Brussels in July 2018. CPP in NATO was presented as a ‘collaborative project’ that now encompasses NATO Strategic Commands, NATO Subordinates Commands as well as NATO HQ. 

Read the NATO fact sheet that was presented here